"Down and Across" author Arvin Ahmadi

"Down and Across" author Arvin Ahmadi

In “Down And Out,” Scott Ferdowski is a sixteen-year-old Iranian American without a plan. Everyone from his friends to his parents have passions. And now, with college looming, his lack of interests seem glaringly obvious. In an act of rebellion, Scott bails on his summer internship and runs away to Washington, D.C. to seek out a Georgetown University professor researching grit and the ability to persevere in the face of hardship. What will he learn from her and the friends he meets along the way? Kojo speaks with first-time author Arvin Ahmadi, who drew on his experience growing up in northern Virginia for a modern young adult story.


  • Arvin Ahmadi Author, "Down and Across"

Excerpt: "Down And Out"

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