As part of #CapitolKojo week, WAMU 88.5's Metro Connection is devoting an entire hour to stories from every corner of the Hill. Hear pieces on parenting stresses, historic preservation battles, artists' challenges, the rise and fall (and rise) of a famous tavern, and more.


Thursday, Feb 05 2015

In one of the few, official nonpartisan positions on the Hill, the Rev. Patrick Conroy ministers to a unique congregation of elected officials, many serving far from home.

Wednesday, Feb 04 2015

He's an avid outdoorsman, biologist, Chesapeake Bay protector and advocate for military families and shipbuilding. We talk with Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.)about priorities for his district and the nation.

Tuesday, Feb 03 2015

Tech Tuesday explores how websites and search engines have brought votes and deal-making out of the shadows on Capitol Hill and altered the landscape for lawmakers, citizens, activists and the media.

With computers in every congressional office and smartphones attached to lawmakers’ and staffers’ hands, it might be hard to remember what Congress was like before the Internet. But for former Rep. Jim Coyne, it feels like yesterday.

Via Roll Call

Tuesday, Feb 03 2015

The Senate Historical Office serves as the institutional memory for Congress, the media and the general public. We speak with Senate Historian Donald Ritchie about the Senate's past and present.

Monday, Feb 02 2015

While we may not hear Shakespeare quoted in Congress very often today, make no mistake: the influence of the Bard is heard in almost all political oratory, from the Gettysburg Address to the State of the Union.

Monday, Feb 02 2015

Parental leave policies vary from office to office in the halls of Congress, and the effects reverberate throughout the surrounding neighborhood, where a growing number of families are choosing to raise their children.