For years, police in the District have touted the thousands of guns they recover from city streets.

But a new investigation by WAMU’s Patrick Madden finds that many suspects charged with gun possession ultimately walk free.

That’s raising questions about police tactics — and about the effects those tactics have on a community that police officers are entrusted to protect.

Kojo discusses gun violence and policing with a local journalist, a legal expert, a police officer and a neighborhood commissioner.


  • Patrick Madden Reporter, WAMU 88.5 News; @Patrick_Madden
  • Christy Lopez Distinguished Visitor from Practice, Georgetown University Law School
  • Anthony Lorenzo Green Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 7C04 (Deanwood); @LorenzoANC7C04
  • Stephen Bigelow Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police, MPD Labor Committee

How Gun Violence Affects Local Students

"No One Feels Safe": How Gun Violence Affects Local Students - The Kojo Nnamdi Show

How do we talk about gun violence when it's not in the form of a mass shooting? We held a student town hall to discuss how local kids deal with the threat of violence locally, and how adults can respond.


Police in the District of Columbia confiscate a lot of guns — more than twice as many per capita than Los Angeles and five times that of New York City. But with homicide rates up in 2018, there is renewed pressure for police to do more.

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