A Local Music History Lesson: The Fugazi Live Series

A Local Music History Lesson: The Fugazi Live Series

Ian MacKaye, founding member of the D.C. band Fugazi, joins Kojo to talk about a new online archive of hundreds of the group's performances.

For years, the D.C.-based band Fugazi took their local sound to stages around the world. Unbeknownst to many of their fans, the band recorded the vast majority of those concerts - hundreds of which are now available online as part of an ambitious archiving project. Kojo talks with Ian MacKaye, a founding member of Fugazi, about the online archive and the window it provides into our musical history.


Ian MacKaye

Musician, Founding Member, Fugazi; Co-Founder, Owner, Dischord Records; Singer, Guitarist, The Evens

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Fugazi performs "Turnover" live in 1991:

"Long Division"

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