If you’ve ever dreamed of living on a farm, you’re not alone. But what does it take to move beyond your dream and make it a reality? Two Washingtonians with wildly different paths to farming have written a new handbook for the modern agricultural generation, combining their own stories with everything from a guide to land acquisition to an outline of soil biology. Miraculously, the book is under 300 pages.

Kojo speaks with co-authors Forrest Pritchard and Ellen Polishuk about what it took to start their farms, and what advice they have about Washingtonians who wish to join their ranks.


  • Forrest Pritchard Author, "Growing Tomorrow;" "Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers' Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm" (Lyons Press, 2013); Owner, Smith Meadows Farm (Berryville, Va.); @SmithMeadows
  • Ellen Polishuk Co-author of "Start Your Farm," former organic vegetable grower and current farm consultant

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