Two years ago, Anacostia Unmapped brought the stories–and history–of Anacostia to WAMU’s airwaves. Now a new exhibit called Anacostia Unmapped 2.0 features different artists’ interpretations and responses to each radio piece. We check in with the curator of the exhibit, two of the featured artists and take a look at the arts scene in Anacostia.


  • Karen Baker Curator, Anacostia Unmapped 2.0; @sevencon
  • V. Kuroji Patrick Arts educator; @byKuroji
  • Yetunde Sapp Artist; @ye_sap

Artwork Featured In Anacostia Unmapped 2.0

Episode: "The Lion and the Map"

V. Kuroji Patrick’s contribution to the exhibit was inspired by the episode “The Lion and the Map.”


Episode: "The Settler and the Map"

The painting Yetunde Sapp made for the exhibit, which is featured above, was inspired by the episode “The Settler and the Map.”


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