The Ellington Plaza Redevelopment in LeDroit Park.

The Ellington Plaza Redevelopment in LeDroit Park.

From world-class restaurants to glassy condo buildings, Washington, D.C. is undergoing a renaissance of cool. At least, that’s what D.C. resident David Fontana wrote in the Washington Post Magazine. According to Fontana, D.C.’s new cool factor is driving a wedge between the capital of the country and the rest of the nation it represents. Kojo sits down with Fontana and WAMU’s Ally Schweitzer to discuss the evolution of D.C. and what it does and doesn’t mean for U.S. as a whole.


  • David Fontana Associate Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School
  • Ally Schweitzer Business and Development Reporter, WAMU

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D.C. Isn't Cool, D.C. Has Always Been Cool And Other 🔥 Opinions - The Kojo Nnamdi Show

D.C. is cool now. At least that's what George Washington University Law School professor David Fontana wrote in this week's Washington Post Magazine. Not only is D.C. cool, Fontana posits, but it's hip in a way that distances itself from the rest of the country: "Much of Washington in 2018 arguably has more in common ...

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