Guest Host: Matt McCleskey

Curbside Cupcakes in 2011.

Curbside Cupcakes in 2011.

Can a business thrive on a trend? Ask the bakeries that specialize in macarons or cake pops, or the cafes that capitalize on cold-pressed juices, kombucha, or single origin coffee. Branding your business off food trends can be lucrative, but what happens when diners’ preferences change? Ten years ago, food trucks were hot spots for weekday lunches. Now that these businesses are more heavily regulated and commonplace, some vendors are seeing a loss of revenue. What can local eateries do to insure long-term success? Guest host Matt McCleskey surveys veterans of the young food truck industry to find out.


  • Laura Hayes Food Editor, Washington City Paper; @LauraHayesDC
  • Sam Whitfield Executive Director, DMV Food Truck Association; @DMVFTA
  • Mike Lenard Founder and CEO, TaKorean; @TaKorean

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