United Medical Center

United Medical Center

Producer’s Note: This interview was recorded several hours before the D.C. Council voted 7-6 to terminate the city’s contract with Veritas.

United Medical Center has faced reports of extraordinary financial and patient-care lapses, some of which we addressed on our show two months ago.” In the time since, nurses and leadership at UMC have come forward to join several D.C. officials building a case against Veritas of Washington, the private consulting firm tasked with managing and restructuring the hospital.

Now, as D.C. Council decides Veritas’ potential contract renewal with the hospital, Kojo checks in with a principal at Veritas and UMC’s new interim CEO, David Boucrée, to provide his take on the operation of both the consulting firm and the hospital and address recent accusations made against Veritas.


  • David Boucrée Principal with Veritas of Washington; Interim CEO of United Medical Center

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