Guest Host: Rebecca Sheir

A woman attending AwesomeCon 2014 in cosplay.

A woman attending AwesomeCon 2014 in cosplay.

Nerds, assemble! D.C.’s third annual AwesomeCon is a gathering of the mid-Atlantic region’s biggest sci-fi and comics fans whose numbers seem to be growing by the minute. We get inside the D.C. region’s nerd culture to explore the psyche of fandom from a local perspective.


  • Ben Penrod President and co-founder of Awesome Conventions
  • Mark Pellegrino AwesomeCon guest and actor ("Lost," "Supernatural," "Dexter," "The Returned.")
  • Esther Kim Store manager, Fantom Comics


  • Listen 21:00

    Why Is Representation Of Women And Minorities An Issue In Comics Culture?

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