The Political Culture Of The Commonwealth Of Virginia

The Political Culture Of The Commonwealth Of Virginia

From Patrick Henry to Bob McDonnell, the Virginia General Assembly is one of the oldest and quirkiest legislative bodies in America.

The Virginia General Assembly is a legislative body that proudly traces its history back to Patrick Henry, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. But that history is every bit as quirky as it is monumental. In recent years, Richmond has hosted debates over everything from "droopy drawers" to reproductive rights. Join us for a history lesson about one of the oldest and most colorful political bodies in America, and analysis about what lies ahead for it in the future.


Quentin Kidd

Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Government, Christopher Newport University

Fredrick Kunkle

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Russ Potts

Former Virginia State Senator (R- 27th District, Winchester)

Kristen Amundson

Former Member, Virginia House of Delegates (D-44th District, Fairfax); Senior Vice President for External Relations, Education Sector

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