Traffic Camera Technology

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Traffic cameras on Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C.

(WAMU photo/Brendan Sweeney)

Traffic Camera Technology

Traffic cameras have polarized communities. But new high tech systems may be changing our driving habits. Tech Tuesday explores how automated camera systems work.

Jurisdictions around the Washington region are installing sophisticated camera systems to detect -- and fine -- lead-footed drivers and red light runners. Automated traffic enforcement has polarized communities, prompting complaints, lawsuits and even vandalism. But local authorities insist that new high tech systems are beginning to change our driving habits for the better. Tech Tuesday explores how automated camera systems work and how these new devices affect our behavior on the roads.


Lisa Sutter

Program Manager, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Photo Enforcement program (DC)

Thomas Didone

Captain, Montgomery County Department of Police; Director, MCPD Traffic Division

Anne McCartt

Senior Vice President for Research, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

Charles Territo

Vice President of Communications, American Traffic Solutions

John Townsend

Manager of Public and Government Relations, AAA Mid-Atlantic

Traffic Cameras And Penalties By Jurisdiction

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Source: Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

How Red Light Safety Cameras Work

American Traffic Solutions is the private vendor that currently services red light and speed cameras in the District. The video and graphics below explain how the camera systems detect violations.

The Technology Of Red Light Cameras

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