Food for Thought: "Omega-3s" and the Brain

Food for Thought: "Omega-3s" and the Brain

Here's a new dieting tip for happiness - eat more fat. We explore why the right kind of fat may be the key ingredient to mental health.

We don't eat like hunter gatherers anymore - trans-fatty, processed foods long ago displaced wild plants and animals. But have changes in the types of fat we eat affected both our physical and mental health? We discuss why omega-3 fatty acids may be the true "good mood food."


Joseph Hibbeln

Acting chief, Section on Nutritional Neurosciences, NIH; Captain, U.S. Public Health Service

J. Thomas Brenna

Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University

Evelyn Tribole

Registered Dietitian; Nutritional Counselor; Author, "The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet" (McGraw-Hill)

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