Guest Host: Dan Reed

With rapid population growth in the county, Arlington Public Schools is in the midst of redistricting school boundaries to create more capacity throughout the school system. But the public debate leading up to the most recent decision on new elementary school boundaries, which will go into effect in fall 2019, was fraught with emotions and many revisions — leaving some parents questioning whether the new boundaries really serve the needs of the community.

Tune in to this show and join us February 26th for a live Kojo Roadshow on school diversity in Montgomery County.

Produced by Monna Kashfi


  • Patrick Murphy Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools; @SuptPKM
  • Portia Clark President, Nauck Civic Association
  • Tom Murray Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools; @thomascmurray
  • Kathleen Coulombe Vice-President of Communications, Drew Model School PTA; @401Kathleen
  • Megan Haydasz Former Vice-President, Patrick Henry PTA; Chair, Fleet Elementary School Design Committee; @MeganHaydasz

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