How many feral cats live in D.C.? That’s the $1.5 million question cat lovers and haters want to know.

For years, cat lovers have wanted to assist outdoor cats in their preferred habitat. At the same time, bird lovers have highlighted the danger feral cats pose to local bird populations. Now, both teams are joining forces to perform a “cat census” of sorts.

Over the next three years, scientists will gather data on outdoor cats. The hope is that a better understanding of this population will better inform the debate between “Team Cat” and “Team Bird.” Kojo discusses the project with WAMU’s Jacob Fenston and a Washingtonian working on the count.

Produced by Ruth Tam


  • Lisa LaFontaine President and Chief Executive Officer, Humane Rescue Alliance; @WHSCEO
  • Jacob Fenston Environment Reporter, WAMU 88.5; @JacobFenston
  • Bill McShea Wildlife Ecologist, Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo

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