Guest Host: Dan Reed

Cooking for Friendsgiving

Cooking for Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for gathering with family. Some people in the region, though, use it as an opportunity to get together with friends. Friendsgiving is a phenomenon where people have potluck-style dinners before, on, or after Thanksgiving. Sometimes people participate because they are physically far from their families, or because they don’t get along with them. And some go to both their family’s Thanksgiving celebration and a Friendsgiving gathering. We explore what Friendsgiving looks like in the region and how people create new traditions for old holidays.

Produced by Mark Gunnery


  • Hosan Lee Tech entrepreneur from Washington, D.C.
  • Amanda Sundstrom Host of an annual Friendsgiving gathering
  • Felicity Amos Host of an annual Friendsgiving gathering

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