Guest Host: Dan Reed

A driverless car in San Francisco, Calif.

A driverless car in San Francisco, Calif.

Starting in January 2019, Ford will begin testing self-driving cars in Washington, D.C. –with an eye on launching commercially in 2021.

Some Washingtonians are excited about the prospect of autonomous vehicles coming to the nation’s capital. But with local and federal regulations still up in the air and public perception still mixed, there are still many questions to be answered about their role in our community today.

Guest host Dan Reed discusses the issues with two local transportation experts.


  • Gabe Klein Co-founder of CityFi; Former Director, District of Columbia Department of Transportation @gabe_klein
  • Darrell West Vice President and Director of Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution; Author, "The Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation"; @darrwest

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