Guest Host: Jen Golbeck

Tree canopy in Rock Creek Park.

Tree canopy in Rock Creek Park.

A generation ago, the city was losing its trees at an alarming rate, and arborists warned of dire environmental consequences if planting didn’t begin in earnest. First under Mayor Anthony Williams, politicians and non-profits began to invest substantially in D.C.’s tree canopy. Now, the city is approaching its goal of 40 percent tree cover.

But the growth has been uneven, with some patches of DC still lacking much green cover and vigorous development downing whole acres of trees.

What can be done to keep up the “green” momentum in D.C. and how can efforts be spread more evenly across the city?


  • Earl Eutsler Deputy Associate Director, Urban Forestry Administration, D.C. Department of Transportation
  • Ian Leahy Director of Urban Forest Programs, American Forests
  • Mark Buscaino Executive Director, Casey Trees

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