Guest Host: Jen Golbeck

Tampon and pad dispenser

Tampon and pad dispenser

Although many women menstruate for most of their adult lives, periods are still taboo. This stigma is just one of the many challenges local women and girls face when accessing tampons and pads in places like schools and prisons. But some jurisdictions are considering ways to make them more attainable. This year, D.C. made moves to end the sales tax on period products –an exemption Maryland has had since the 1980s.

We discuss access to feminine hygiene products and the “tampon tax” in the local fight for menstrual equity.


  • Holly Seibold Executive Director, Bringing Resources to Aid Women's Shelters; @BRAWSorg
  • Corinne Cannon Executive Director, Greater DC Diaper Bank; @dcdiaperbank

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