A customer uses an iPhone to make a purchase.

A customer uses an iPhone to make a purchase.

The trend towards a digital and cashless economy makes life more efficient for many, but often leaves the disadvantaged behind.

For example, it is difficult for homeless people to access traditional financial services like banks without a home address–but without bank accounts, it is difficult to get a place to live. Plus, in a society disrupted by tech, a growing number of restaurants and services only accept cards as payment.

We discuss how access to banking is particularly difficult for the homeless, but also key to their securing permanent homes.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show is one of seven D.C.-based news outlets dedicating a portion of our show on June 28 to collaborative news coverage aimed at uncovering barriers and solutions to ending homelessness. See more at DCHomelessCrisis.Press


  • Wendell Williams Peer Recovery Coach
  • Kenneth Ong Social Impact Entrepreneur

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