Dockless bike parked in Washington, D.C.

Dockless bike parked in Washington, D.C.

Over the past few months, colorful bikes have been popping up around Washington, DC. With names like Ofo and Limebike, they are part of a dockless bike sharing pilot program. The program is popular with riders, many of whom think it has made bike rental more accessible. But some DC residents are upset about bikes being left in inappropriate places like the middle of sidewalks, and some users have concerns over the quality and upkeep of the bikes. Is dockless biking going to become a permanent fixture in the region’s cycling landscape?


  • Luz Lazo Transportation reporter, Washington Post; @luzcita
  • Greg Billing Executive Director, Washington Area Bicyclist Association; @gregbilling
  • Joe Gibbons ANC Commissioner for 2E 02 and Chair for ANC 2 E

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