Danny Hogg, AKA Cool "Disco" Dan

Danny Hogg, AKA Cool "Disco" Dan

The street artist Danny Hogg was an urban legend in Washington, who most people around D.C. knew by the name of the tag: Cool “Disco” Dan. Hogg, who gained notoriety by tagging countless pieces of the Washington region, died this past week at 47. We reflect on the mark Hogg left on the city and the reasons the urban legend of Cool “Disco” Dan resonated so much in the D.C. of the 1980s and 1990s.


  • Roger Gastman Graffiti historian and curator; Executive Producer, “The Legend of Cool ‘Disco’ Dan.” Co-author (with Caleb Neelon), “History of American Graffiti."
  • Denise Womack Mother, Cool "Disco" Dan

"The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan" - Trailer

A trailer for the 2013 documentary, “The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan”

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