Guest Host: Jennifer Golbeck

The Chain Bridge over the Potomac River

The Chain Bridge over the Potomac River

The region’s transportation planning board voted last week to study the feasibility and usefulness of building a second Potomac River bridge linking Montgomery County and Northern Virginia. The idea has been considered for decades as a way to ease traffic on notoriously congested local thruways. But opponents point to its high price tag and environmental concerns. The bridge is one of many proposed projects aimed at addressing regional traffic congestion, a problem that legislators have tried diligently to address for decades with little luck. We explore the proposal and the challenge of easing the region’s gridlock.


  • Bob Buchanan Principal, Buchanan Partners; Chair, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation; President, The 2030 Group; @The2030Group
  • Stewart Schwartz Executive Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth; @csgstewart

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