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The list of Theresa Howe Jones’ accomplishments is lengthy. She was an ANC Commissioner, a D.C. statehood advocate, the founder of the Ward 8 Democrats and a board member of the Anacostia Community Museum. Howe Jones, the mother of seven, passed away last week at the age of 84. Fellow residents remember the lifelong Washingtonian and consider her impact on the Anacostia community.


  • Philip Pannell Executive Director, Anacostia Coordinating Council
  • Jackie Ward Realtor; Former Ward 8 ANC commissioner

What our guests and callers said about Theresa Howe Jones and her legacy


There was no issue that came before the community that Theresa was not involved with. Whenever she spoke, everyone listened – even if hers was the only dissenting voice in the room. She is such an icon that if she spoke, then it mattered.” – Philip Pannell, Anacostia Coordinating Council

She didn’t just volunteer us, she volunTOLD us, like in the military.” – Deborah Jones, the daughter of Theresa Howe Jones.

“When we would get down, she would pick us up. She just showed us to organize the community and told us how to keep on going… we don’t get warriors like her very often.”  Sherry Brown

She was a political movement, a wealth of knowledge. She had a wonderful sense of humor, but she didn’t pull any punches.” – Diane Fleming 

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