Check It film poster

Check It film poster

“Check It” was once a street gang for LGBTQ youth. Now, the group has morphed into entrepreneurs, opening a community center last month in Southeast DC. The center is a space where members can design and sell clothes and offer classes in sex education, dance, sewing, and silk screening. The group will also help provide resource to their peers, linking fellow LGBTQ youth to support services. How did the crew once known for petty crimes in Chinatown and Gallery Place create a local business and social center? We talk to two members, their mentor, and the director of a documentary about the crew, “Check It.”


  • Ron Moten Check It mentor and gang intervention specialist; @MotenSpeaks
  • Dominic "Skittles" Smith Co-founder, Check It
  • Michael Boatwright Co-founder, Check It
  • Dana Flor Co-director of Check It

Check It Enterprises

Check It -

Check It Enterprises is a social enterprise derived from the positive transformation of leaders of the only documented gay gang in America, maybe the world.

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