Guest Host: Marc Fisher

For many people, Capital Pride has been a chance for members of the LGBTQ community to be out and proud in the streets, to demand equal rights and to enjoy community together. But for others, including many queer people of color and gender variant, transgender, and poor members of the community, the mainstream gay rights movement hasn’t done enough to address the challenges they face. We take a look at the history of LGBTQ activism in D.C., the meaning of pride celebrations in 2017, and ask why some members of the community are protesting the festival this year.


  • Angela Peoples Director, GetEqual; Organizer, No Justice No Pride; @MsPeoples
  • Guillaume Bagal President, Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance; Public Policy Associate, Whitman-Walker Health; @g_bagal
  • Paul Kuntzler Gay activist, D.C.

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