Teacher in Classroom

Teacher in Classroom

A recent study published in the Harvard Educational Review found that Fairfax County Public Schools exercised discriminatory practices when hiring African-American teachers. The school system says hiring practices have improved since the study was conducted in 2012 but diversity advocates are requesting further investigation into the results. Kojo speaks with the school board and diversity advocates about the study and the impact of diverse teachers in a school community.


  • Jane Strauss Vice Chair, Fairfax County School Board; @fcpsnews
  • Constance Lindsay American University Professor, Co-Author of 2017 study, "The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers"; @Dr_ConstanceL
  • Ralph Cooper Chair, Fairfax County NAACP Education Committee Member, Fairfax County Schools Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC); @FairfaxNAACP

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