The exterior of Rockville High School.

The exterior of Rockville High School.

Two Rockville High School students were arrested for the alleged rape of a female student in a bathroom during the school day. Both suspects are undocumented immigrants who had begun attending Montgomery County Public Schools last fall. The incident has put the county at the center of a national debate, and locally it has ignited heated exchanges among community members. It has also sparked fear within the county’s Hispanic community about rising racial tensions. Kojo explores safety at Montgomery County Public Schools, the incident’s effect on the Latino community, and what it means for the Maryland town to become a political talking point in national media.


  • Thomas Manger Montgomery County Police Chief; President of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association; @mcpnews
  • Derek Turner Spokesperson, Montgomery County Public Schools; @MCPS
  • Denise Fredericks Parent, Rockville High School, Montgomery County Public Schools

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