Elephant model at the Smithsonian National History Museum.

Elephant model at the Smithsonian National History Museum.

As the Trump election victory reverberates throughout the nation, Republicans in our region are grappling with what the surprise outcome means about the identity and the future of their party. From D.C, where the GOP has historically held little sway, to college campuses and politically active ethnic groups, the power shift gives GOP leaders a new view of the people, priorities and politics that will come into play under a Trump administration. Kojo explores how the election has upended views of Republican voters in our region, and finds out what they expect from their newly elected leaders.


  • Patrick Mara Executive Director, D.C. Republican Party
  • David Ramadan Former Member, Virginia House of Delegates (R - 87th District)
  • Sang Yi Former Candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates; President of the Korean American Republican Party of Virginia.

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