Metro Center

Metro Center

Metro’s SafeTrack program, aimed at repairing the ailing system, has disrupted riders commutes since early June and is scheduled to be complete in late March of 2017. While the segment shutdowns are temporary, WMATA says permanent changes are necessary to keep Metro afloat. A new $1.8 billion budget proposed by WMATA’s General Manger would raise fares for rail and buses, and heated debate continues over whether Metro should restore late-night train service once SafeTrack is complete. Last week, amid paralyzing disagreement between WMATA stakeholders and decision makers, the Washington Post published an editorial arguing for a federal takeover. In the midst of Metro’s biggest SafeTrack shutdown, Kojo explores the challenges of fixing and paying for Washington’s transit system.


  • Martin Di Caro Transportation Reporter, WAMU
  • Christian Dorsey Member, WMATA Board of Directors; Member, Arlington County Board
  • Colin Reusch Member-At-Large, Riders' Advisory Council, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

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