Saint Elizabeths Hospital

Saint Elizabeths Hospital

Saint Elizabeths Hospital dates to the mid 19th century and since then the mental health institution has had its ups and downs. Originally managed by the federal government, oversight shifted to the District in 1987 as the scope of its mental health mission scaled down. Today, it continues to serve those in need of prolonged inpatient mental health care, even as much of the campus it once occupied is being redeveloped for other uses. The hospital is also under new leadership after the previous director resigned amid questions over his qualifications. We talk to his replacement and the head of the department of the Behavioral Health, who oversees the hospital.


  • Dr. Tanya A. Royster Director, DC Department of Behavioral Health; Board certified general, child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Mark Chastang CEO, Saint Elizabeths Hospital

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