Guest Host: Jennifer Golbeck

Historically, bartenders have not been the creative faces of the restaurant industry. They were employed to pour shots, crack open cans, stir, shake and maybe even provide a listening ear. But during the past decade, the demand for craft cocktails surged, prompting restaurants to invest in larger bar space and elite beverage programs. While demand for bespoke beverages has never been higher, the profitability of these drinks has one local bartender wondering why their creators see less of the rewards. He joins a panel of food writers to discuss why.


  • Laura Hayes Food Editor, Washington City Paper @BTMenu
  • Trevor Frye Former Beverage Director, Dram & Grain @tpfrye
  • David Wondrich Author of "Imbibe!" and "Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl," and Senior Drinks Columnist at the Daily Beast @DavidWondrich

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