Mama's Pizza in Anacostia.

Mama's Pizza in Anacostia.

For decades, finding a smoothie, flagging a waiter, or sitting down for coffee along the main arteries east of Washington, D.C’s Anacostia River was mostly an exercise in futility. Long underserved –- Wards 7 and 8 only have around one-half or one-third the number of establishments as other wards -– restaurateurs with slower-food options have struggled to gain a foothold in Anacostia. While challenges and misperceptions remain, eateries armed with eclectic menus, tablecloths and a long-term vision for Anacostia are moving in. Kojo finds out how eating east of Anacostia is changing.


  • Stan Jackson President, Anacostia Economic Development Corporation
  • Amanda Stephenson Owner and Operator, Art-drenaline
  • Scottie Irving Founder and CEO, Blue Skye Development & Construction

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