The Hive 2.0's co-working space in Anacostia.

The Hive 2.0's co-working space in Anacostia.

Jeff Herrell moved to Anacostia in 2005 – he’d been looking to move out of a townhouse in Columbia Heights. He stuck out in his new neighborhood – he was a white man in one of the most heavily African-American parts of the District. But his relationships with neighborhoods have evolved a good deal since he first arrived. Kojo and “Anacostia Unmapped” contributor John Johnson talk to Herrell about his experiences living and working east of the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.


  • John Johnson Playwright; Contributor "Anacostia Unmapped"
  • Jeff Herrell Anacostia Resident; Operations Manager, The Hive 2.0

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