The scene in downtown Washington, D.C. after a 2014 snowstorm,

The scene in downtown Washington, D.C. after a 2014 snowstorm,

It’s being called “potentially historic” and quite possibly “the most memorable on record,” but for many weather-wary Washingtonians, this week’s pending snowstorm is eliciting groans about over-hyped winter weather. While some recent storms have lived up to the bluster — remember Snowmageddon in 2010? — others such as the 2013 “Snowquester” fizzled, leaving cooped-up kids, frustrated workers and streams of rage tweets. But for local governments, medical facilities and schools, the penchant to panic is a good one. We find out why overhyping winter weather can be a good thing, and how it helps communities stay safe.


  • Andrew Beaujon Senior Editor, Washingtonian Magazine
  • Roger Lewis Architect; Columnist, "Shaping the City," Washington Post; and Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Maryland College Park

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