It’s spring and cross-pollination is touching the tech world: Apple and IBM are teaming up to produce software for the iPad, while Microsoft wants to bring Android and iOS apps to its new Windows 10. New apps respond to events in the news by helping Nepalese earthquake survivors check in with each other and fact-checking photos from the Baltimore protests. Plus cloud photo storage, scareware and HDR TV. The Computer Guys and Gal are here to explain.


  • Allison Druin WAMU Computer Gal; Chief Futurist at the University of Maryland Division of Research; Co-Director of the Future of Information Alliance, University of Maryland
  • John Gilroy WAMU Computer Guy; Director for Business Development for BLT Global Ventures
  • Bill Harlow WAMU Computer Guy; and Hardware & Software Technician for MACs & PCs at Mid-Atlantic Consulting, Inc.

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