On April 4th, 1968, the assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. sent shock waves across the country. And for twelve days, riots erupted across Washington D.C., killing thirteen and injuring thousands. The unrest left scars on Washington D.C.’s physical and cultural landscape still felt today. Kojo talks with people directly affected by the violence, and explores the enduring legacy of April 1968.


  • Jack White Adjunct Professor of Journalism, Virginia Commonwealth University; contributor to the Root.com; Former Columnist and National Editor, Time Magazine
  • Jane Freundel Levey Chief Program Officer and Historian for Cultural Tourism DC
  • Isaac Fulwood Jr. Former D.C. Chief of Police
  • Larry Rosen Owner, Smith's Pharmacy (2518 14th Street, NW), a local business destroyed by rioters in April, 1968
  • Virginia Ali Family Owner, Ben's Chili Bowl
  • Lawrence Guyot Former Chairman, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; civil rights activist

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