February 9, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Tech-Head In Your Life

By Erica Hendry

What says love more than a USB-powered mug warmer?

What says love more than a USB-powered mug warmer?

Just when you think you’ve got the holidays (and gift-giving) behind you, Valentine’s Day creeps up again.

Flowers and chocolate aren’t going to cut it for a lot of people—especially those tech heads that have captured your heart.

Don’t panic. For Tech Tuesday, Kojo Show staff and our Computer Guys and Gal are offering their picks for the perfect gift. Get shopping. (Have ideas of your own? Share the love in the comments).

DNA-inspired artwork (Starting at $199)
“From life comes art” reads the tagline of DNA11, a decade-old company that turns your most personal data into custom masterpieces. Collect some of your partners’ DNA, or their fingerprint, and send it in. The rest is up to the DNA11 artists. If the thought of collecting samples from your lover’s hairbrush weirds you out, consider buying a gift card instead.

QR code jewelry ($95 to $150)

Sure, there’s something to be said for designing a ring or writing a heartfelt message. This gives the best of both worlds. The QR code necklace has a hidden meaning—”love is forever”—and comes in a variety of sizes and metals, from sterling silver to 18 carat gold. Go the extra mile and order a customized QR code with your own message, or, engrave an additional message on the back.

Mix Tape USB Memory Stick ($29.95)

Confession: I still have old mixtapes and CDs made by former boyfriends—and my current beau, too. Even if a relationship has ended, personalized playlists offer a funny glimpse into decades past (yes, the Backstreet Boys were actually that popular for that many years). Put a new spin on a classic heartfelt gesture with this “mixtape” you can load with MP3s. At the least, they’ll  make your loved one smile. At best, you’ll be listening for years to come—though who knows how we’ll be listening to music come Valentine’s Day 2025?

Heart-shaped USB Cup Warmer ($12.99)
Tech heads often have long hours. And with long hours comes lots of coffee (or tea). Say hello to this laptop-side cup warmer, which plugs into a computer or outlet via USB to fuel late hours geeking or gaming. Even if you can’t always be with your partner, your heart can (the product comes in the shape of a cat, too).

A Techy Dinner In
For the creative types out there, this one’s for you. Whip up some cocktails with these geeky ice cube trays ($9 to $15) that freeze water into anything from Tetris shapes (for the gamers) to lego bricks (for designers). Then strap on your tech head apron ($24) and get started on a romantic dinner. Seek inspiration in a new cookbook, like “Cooking For Geeks ($19.99),” which boasts “real science, great hacks and good food.” What more do you need?  

 Tune in at noon Feb. 10 for more recommendations. 


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