Boosting Public Access To The Chesapeake Bay Watershed

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Christina Bellantoni
Boosting Public Access To The Chesapeake Bay Watershed

The Chesapeake Bay has more than 11,000 miles of shoreline but only 2 percent of it offers swimmers, boaters and fisherman access to the Bay. We explore the push for more public access.

The Chesapeake Bay has an incredible 11,000 miles of shoreline, roughly equal to the length of the entire West Coast of the United States. But only 2 percent of it is open to the public. The rest is either privately owned or publicly owned but with restrictions on its use. We explore the push by local outdoor enthusiasts -- and President Barack Obama -- to create more places along the shore where the public can swim, fish and boat.


Jonathan Doherty

Assistant Superintendent, Chesapeake Bay Office, National Park Service

Mike Lofton

Founder and Chair, Anne Arundel Public Water Access Committee

Charlie Stek

Chairman of the Board of the Chesapeake Conservancy; former congressional staffer to Maryland Sen. Paul Sarbanes

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Map Of Public Access To Chesapeake Bay

Average length of public access shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. See detailed map.

chesapeake map

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