Lobster: A Summer Tale

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Maine lobster

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user Thomas Cook

Lobster: A Summer Tale

For many Americans, a lobster roll is a quintessential taste of summer. We consider the popular appeal of crustaceans and the effect of this season's glut of lobsters in the Northeast.

A lobster glut along the Northeast coast this summer has had wide-ranging consequences. The oversupply is so great that fishermen are losing money on their catch. And while New Englanders are enjoying bargain prices for this delicacy, don't expect that to be the case everywhere. We explore the intricacies of the lobster market and consider the cultural appeal of these crustaceans.


Doug Povich

owner, Red Hook Lobster Pound, D.C.

Bob Bayer

Professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Director, Lobster Institute, University of Maine

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Courtesy of Red Hook Lobster Pound.

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