The Publishing Pinch: Books Undergo an E-Upheaval

The Publishing Pinch: Books Undergo an E-Upheaval

Will readers and writers still know the names Random House, Simon & Schuster, Bloomsbury, and Knopf 50 or 100 years from now? How technology is changing the role and the relationships of publishing houses, authors, and readers.

For years, THE mark of success for a struggling author was landing a publisher and getting an advance. Today, though traditional publishing houses still drive much of the book industry, their hold on power is under threat -- ie., Book-selling powerhouse now works directly with authors and publishes books; self-publishing has grown easier and gained some respectability; and Print-on-Demand will soon be in your neighborhood. So what's the role and future of the publishing establishment? And what do shifts within the industry mean for readers and writers alike.


Richard Nash

Founder of Cursor, a New York publishing company; former publisher of Soft Skull Press

Nancy Miller

Editorial Director, Bloomsbury USA

Madeline McIntosh

President of Sales, Operations and Digital, Random House

Jeffrey Trachtenberg

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Paul Aiken

Executive Director, The Authors Guild

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