Technical Support

System Requirements

Which computers and browsers work with the Kojo Nnamdi Show audio player?

We utilize the jPlayer media library. The latest version of jPlayer has been tested for compatibility with these Web browsers. If your browser doesn’t seem to be compatible, you can try upgrading to a newer browser. For other ways to listen, see the section below titled Alternatives.

NOTE: As of September 2014, Apple devices running iOS 8.0.0, up to 8.0.2, are experiencing wi-fi connection issues. It appears to be an Apple software/hardware problem which you may learn more about in the following article.

While Apple is working to solve this issue, our engineers have recommended using iTunes Radio.


The audio pauses, stutters or doesn’t play at all — what should I do?

  • No sound? Make sure your speakers are on and the volume is turned up. You could also try refreshing our site’s player pop-up window. While on the player page:
    • Windows: Press the press Ctrl and R keys at the same time
    • Mac: Press the Command and R keys at the same time
    • Mobile Devices: Tap your browser’s refresh button
  • Is your device compatible? Check the section above titled System Requirements to confirm that your set-up is compatible with our audio player.
  • Using an ad-blocker? If you have ad-blocking software running, try turning it off or unblocking these two domains: and
  • Listening at work? Your company may have a firewall enabled to securely protect its internal data. Sometimes your company’s proxy settings may be set in such a way that they prevent external streaming sources from occurring. If this is the case, please contact the IT department of your company.
  • Old browser? Check to see if there are any available upgrades to your Web browser. If there aren’t, you can also try switching to a different Web browser. You can find a list of browsers tested for compatibility with our player on the jPlayer website.
  • Still not working? Contact us, following the instructions below.
What can I listen to on this site?

You can find two kinds of audio on the Kojo Nnamdi Show website:

  • Live Stream – An online version of the WAMU on-air broadcast. Links to listen to the live broadcast appear on the home page when the Kojo Nnamdi Show is live. You may also listen at
  • Audio Archives – Kojo Nnamdi Show episodes that you can listen to on demand, whenever you like.

What does “live stream” mean?
The live stream is the online equivalent of our on-air broadcast. It is a live, continuous “stream” of digital audio that can be accessed online through the Internet. The live stream is simultaneous with our on-air broadcast. For the most part, the online stream is identical to our on-air broadcast.


What is a podcast?

A podcast is a downloadable audio file that can be delivered automatically to your computer. You can play the file whenever you like from your hard drive, or transfer it to an iPod, smartphone or other portable audio player and listen wherever you like.

How are the podcasts different from the audio archives?

There are two main differences:

  • When you get a podcast, you download the audio file to your computer. You do not have to be connected to the Internet to listen to the file. This allows you to transfer it to a portable audio player and listen whenever and wherever you like. In contrast, when you listen to a file in our audio archives, you are playing the file from our server. You do not actually download the file. This means that you have to be connected to the Internet when you want to listen to the file, and you cannot transfer it to a portable audio player.
  • Podcasts use a protocol called RSS that allows you to “subscribe” to a particular program, so that you can receive new installments automatically. In contrast, when listening to our audio archives, you have to visit our site each time you want to find a new installment.
Alternatives to Listening on this Site

What are some other options for listening to the Kojo Nnamdi Show live stream?

There are many apps and devices available that can play the live stream. Some may use a built-in search feature to locate the stream. Some may ask you to type in this stream URL yourself:

Report a problem

If you continue to have trouble listening to our audio archives or live stream, please send a support request through our help center.