The Beltway approaching the I-270 split.

The Beltway approaching the I-270 split.

Gov. Larry Hogan would like to widen the Beltway and Interstate 270 in Montgomery County, and has suggested that this could be accomplished through a public-private partnership supported by optional toll lanes.

The idea does not sit well with many Montgomery County officials and politicians, who fear the project will encroach on neighborhoods that lie alongside these roads. A newly-filed bill in the House of Delegates would assure the county gets to veto any toll road plan it doesn’t like. Is it a necessary measure? Or does it not go far enough to make sure local voices are heard in the great roadway debate?

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  • Alfred Carr Member; Maryland House of Delegates (D-District 18); @alfredcarr
  • Hans Riemer Member and President, Montgomery County Council (D-At Large); @hansriemer

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