Interfaith service

Interfaith service

Many religious congregations in the region are choosing not to purchase their own houses of worship. For some, it’s an economic choice –a mortgage just doesn’t fit into their budget. For others, it’s a philosophical one –meeting in members’ homes or other less traditional spaces are in line with their spiritual practice. And for others, renting space from another congregation allows for interfaith fellowship with members of other religious communities. We explore the shifting meaning of spiritual space in the region. Plus, we look at the impact that soaring property values and water bills are having on local congregations that own their spaces, especially in Washington, D.C.

Produced by Mark Gunnery


  • Rev. Janelle Bruce Pastor, The Church Without Walls
  • Lauren Spokane Lead Instigator of the New Synagogue Project
  • Meraj Allahrakha Board member of the Yaro Collective; Chaplain for the George Washington University Muslim Students' Association

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