Registering to vote

Registering to vote

Americans between 18 and 30 participate in elections at lower rates than any other age group. Sure, from time to time, there’s a “youth bump.” Experts are expecting to see another next month as young people respond at the polls to the polarized politics of the day.

What races might they influence locally? And what about galvanizing the youth vote in every election? Across the region students, teachers and pro-democracy advocates are working to register young people, and get them in the voting habit as soon as they are eligible.


  • Rachel Bitecofer Professor, Christopher Newport University; Assistant Director, Wason Center for Politics and Public Policy; Author, "The Unprecedented 2016 Presidential Election." @RachelBitecofer
  • Carolyn DeWitt President and executive director of Rock The Vote; @RockTheVote
  • Spencer Dixon Partnerships coordinator of Young Invincibles; master's of public policy candidate at George Washington University and co-founder of GW Votes; @YoungInvincible
  • Justina Blanco President, Prince George's Regional Association of Student Government; senior, Parkdale High School; @_justinablanco

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