Grandma and Munchkin.

Grandma and Munchkin.

Most seniors want to remain as independent as possible as they age, including living in their own homes. That can take planning — from adapting a home to accommodate a wheelchair to finding an aide who can make sure medications are taken on schedule.

Many public and private resources are available to help seniors plan for these changes in their lives. Cities have funds to help with home remodeling. Geriatric social workers can help families decide on the safest and most affordable living situation. And the village movement can introduce seniors to a network of assistance that allows them to live in their own homes as long as possible.


  • Steve Gurney Founder, The Retirement Living SourceBook; @proaging
  • Deborah McBroom Aging and Disabilities Resource Center Unit Manager, Prince George's County; @PGCFamilyServe
  • Laura Newland Executive Director, DC Office on Aging; @dcagingnews
  • Barbara Sullivan Executive Director, Village-to-Village Network; @vtvnetwork

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