Polling place, Virginia

Polling place, Virginia

Voters in Virginia have cast ballots in the Commonwealth’s primaries. In Northern Virginia’s tenth district, State Senator Jennifer Wexton won the Democratic nomination, and incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock, who was facing a primary challenger, won the Republican one. Vice Mayor Justin Wilson defeated incumbent Mayor Alison Silberberg in Alexandria’s Democratic Mayoral primaries, and since he doesn’t face a Republican or Independent in November’s general election, he is the presumptive nominee for Mayor. And in the Senate, Republican Corey Stewart was chosen to run against incumbent Democrat Senator Tim Kaine. We take a look at the election results, look forward to the general election in November, explore where the local results fit into national trends and check in with some of the winners.


  • Toni-Michelle Travis Editor, The Almanac of Virginia Politics; Professor of Political Science, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University
  • Jennifer Wexton Virginia State Senator (D, District 33); Democratic nominee to represent Virginia’s in Congress (District 10; @JenniferWexton
  • Justin Wilson Vice Mayor, Alexandria (D); Democratic nominee, Mayor of Alexandria; @justindotnet

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