Marriott is relocating to downtown Bethesda, Md.

Marriott is relocating to downtown Bethesda, Md.

Marriott plans to move its headquarters, where 3,500 employees work, from a suburban office park in Bethesda to the town’s quickly-changing urban center. It’s a central component of Bethesda’s increasingly fast evolution from a residential, suburban town to something that more closely resembles a city. While Bethesda officials celebrate the move and the business it will bring downtown, longtime residents have expressed concern about traffic and construction. Kojo explores what the hotel company’s new offices will mean for Bethesda–and where they fit into the larger picture of growth and development in our region.


  • Miranda Spivack Independent Journalist; @mirandareporter
  • Nancy Floreen Member, Montgomery County Council (D-At Large); @NancyFloreen
  • Amanda Farber Co-Vice President; East Bethesda Citizens Association

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