Two writers of "The Day Tajon Got Shot"

Two writers of "The Day Tajon Got Shot"

In March, 2015, during the height of the conversation surrounding Black Lives Matter, ten teenage girls from Washington, D.C. came together to pen a novel exploring what the killing of an unarmed black youth means for every character involved. The recently published book, “The Day Tajon Got Shot,” features chapters each written by a different, young author from the perspective of Tajon, the main character, the police officer who shoots Tajon, the officer’s children, a witness and others. Interspersed through the novel are pictures from the Baltimore protests following the death of Freddie Gray, taken by a D.C. native who was in high school at the time. Kojo talks to the young people who created the book and explores what the book adds to the ongoing local and national conversation surrounding police violence against people of color.


  • Najae Purvis Co-Author, The Day Tajon Got Shot (Shout Mouse Press)
  • Amir Price Photographer; Student, Morehouse College
  • Kathy Crutcher Founder, Shout Mouse Press; @shoutmousepress

PHOTOS: Baltimore Protests Through The Lens of Amir Price

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