The Trump administration’s hardline approach to immigration, and its executive order banning refugees, has sent shivers through the restaurant industry — the largest private sector employer of immigrants in the nation. In our region, restaurateurs are struggling to balance the potential backlash on business with support for their staffs, where both documented and undocumented workers work side by side. Kojo learns more about the impact of uncertain immigration policies on our region’s restaurants, and hears how some restaurants are dishing out political activism with their meals.


  • Todd Kliman Author and Journalist; Former Food and Wine Editor, "Washingtonian" magazine; Host, "WTF Now" salon series
  • Saru Jayaraman Co-founder and Co-director, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United; Author, Behind the Kitchen Door
  • Victor Albisu Chef, Owner, Del Campo Restaurant and Taco Bamba Taqueria

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